The staff of the Department took part in the publishing of the textbook "Surgery", edited by L. Kovalchuk, Ternopil, Ukrmedknyha 2010

Employees of the Department published "Venous thromboses and their complications." Edited by L. Kovalchuk, Ternopil, Ukrmedknyha, 2011.

Employees of the Department also published the next monographs:

OL Kovalchuk. "Laparoscopic surgery cholelithiasis in patients with chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis", Ternopil, Ukrmedknyha, 2014.

LA. Kovalchuk, IK Wenger, SJ Kostiv. "Surgery of combined and multiple atherosclerotic occlusions of extracranial arteries and aorto-femoral segment", Ternopil, Ukrmedknyha, 2005.